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- No man walks alone, and I have had so many talented people around to help guide me – including my parents, siblings, my own children, my students and special friends around the world.  All have influenced my life and have made me aware of how connected we all are.  I hope to be remembered as a loving, caring person, a good teacher and a good artist.  – Gladys Galloway 2002

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I have found some "Holiday and Special Moments" and "Sparkling Tables" books as well as Rudy's "Reflections of a Country Publisher" books.

They are available here on the website or at Amazon.com

I also found some copies of Gladys' Hardbound "Fun and Basics" Books.  She had 50 of them made in 1975 when she first published her spiral bound edition. Click below to go to them.

Click here for Hard Bound Edition of "China Painting Fun and Basics" Book

 Click here to go to Books Page (Sale on Reflections of Country Publisher and Sparkling Tables)

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Sharing their art once more
By Amy Joles
Editor of Tuscola County Advertiser*


(Click here to see close ups of some of the paintings)

CARO — Although glaucoma has robbed her of her eyesight, world-renowned artist Gladys Galloway’s vision of sharing her art with others is still clear.
After decades of painting, Galloway has decided to sell some of her favorite pieces of art.
“I want to share them with others,” she said. “I’m not attached to them anymore. I want others to enjoy them for the rest of their lives as I have.”
Some of the paintings that Galloway will sell include original watercolors that she created for her friend, Rudy Petzold, the former Publisher of the Tuscola County Advertiser. The watercolors were used in Petzold’s book, “Reflections of a Country Publisher,” published in 1992.
Sitting outside, wandering in the woods, studying flowers outside her home - wherever she went - Galloway found beauty and captured it for Petzold’s book, which features numerous Michigan wildflowers.
“They were all painted in the Thumb,” she said.
Lady slippers, golden rod, honeysuckle and thistles are just a few of her magnificent works in the book. Even a dandelion was captured with Galloway’s artistic touch.
Galloway said she will also consider selling other pieces of her art, including watercolors, oil paintings and other handpainted China pieces.
With a paint brush in hand, Galloway, 88, created countless works of art for friends and family, in addition to teaching her art in 34 countries. She has sold over hundreds of thousands of how-to painting studies.
At one point in her painting career, she even painted a porcelain egg for former President Richard Nixon.
Galloway is recognized as one of the foremost China painters in the world and numerous artists have credited her with influencing their art.
“I’ve had a beautiful life,” said Galloway. “I went all over the world and all with my painting.”
During the past couple of years, Galloway’s son, Tom, has assisted her with listing some of her art and studies on Ebay. Items have been shipped around the world as a result of putting her works on the Internet.
“I’m grateful that painters out there are looking for what I have,” she said. 
Galloway currently has no center vision and only has minimal peripheral vision. She still actively paints impressive watercolors.
“I always wanted to be more impressionistic,” she said, while looking at one of her latest works. “This is definitely impressionistic, so I guess, everything happens for a reason.”

To see some of these original watercolors and for more information on purchasing one of Galloway’s paintings click here  or call, 520-257-7448.

*Amy Joles is the Editor of the Tuscola County Advertiser & Reese Reporter. You may reach her at 1-800-821-7653 or by fax at (989) 673-5662.
The Tuscola County Advertiser and Reese Reporter are located at:
344 N. State St.
Caro, MI 48723

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