Porcelains by Miguel Jimenez

Miguel Jimenez, recognized by many connoisseurs of the arts to be the World's greatest porcelain artist of today, he had a unique style which incorporates the best techniques of the old world Masters. He was well qualified for the high position he holds in the Foundation of the Spanish Government for the Preservation of the National Arts in Madrid Spain. He was educated in the art school in Valencia, and was recognized at an early age as a child prodigy. For awhile he decorated fans, later he was hired by a theatrical company to paint state scenery. Many of his fine porcelains have been selected to be given as diplomatic gifts of State throughout the world, thereby receiving not only local but world recognition. His work, already famous throughout Europe, is becoming well known in the United States. The Great Artists of China Decoration, in which his famous techniques are explained in detail. Mrs. Salyer brought Miguel Jimenez to the United States in response to popular demand. I did not have the opportunity to meet Miguel. He was known as an outstanding artist but also as a man that was generous in his teachings and with a delightful personality.   (As written by the Salyer Publishing Company in 1966 by Mary Early.)

I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Miguel during his stay at my Mother's house in Caro, Mi.  He was indeed a delight to be around and his painting style blew me away!    -Tom Galloway





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