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Gladys Galloway's Botanical Studies for China Painting

Gladys Galloway developed more than 55 studies to help artists develop their own personal talents to the fullest.

Each of the studies consists of a full page of color, illustrating a botanical step-by-step basic procedure for painting a subject. This is accompanied by four pages of instructions and designs. Each has jewelry ideas and carries the artist through a first and second firing - all in color.

These were produced after careful study and many hours of sketching .

NEW!!   Studies 1 thru 55 package

All 55 studies in adobe pdf format on CD

Sent via USPS Priority Mail  -  $25.00 plus postage



When you purchase a downloadable study  (The free Adobe Reader required to open.) I will attach the study files to an e-mail and send to you within 24 hours. If paying with PayPal I will have your e-mail, (or let me know if you want it sent to a different e-mail address).  If paying with a credit card please make sure to enter your e-mail in proper field. (By the way on the method of payment page PayPal login is top choice.  If using a credit card go down below it to where it says "Use credit card" and click.)

(Any purchases will be invoiced through our Tile Canvases business)

The downloadable studies consist of 5 pages and are printable.  Remember the printed quality will only be as good as your printer!  I would suggest using a gloss paper for the color page.

Happy Painting!!

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Studies No. 1-15


No. 1 - Forget-me-nots


Downloadable Study No. 1  $1.00



Wild Roses

No.2 - Wild Roses


Downloadable Study No. 2   $1.00




No.3 - Violets


Downloadable Study No. 3  $1.00




No.4 - Daisies


Downloadable Study No. 4  $1.00


Pink Roses

No.5 - Pink Roses


Downloadable Study No. 5  $1.00 




One fire cutout scenes

No.6 - One Fire Cutout Scenes


Downloadable Study No. 6  $1.00 




No.7 - Holly


Downloadable Study No. 7  $1.00 



Clown Booklet

No.8 - Clown Booklet


Downloadable Study No. 8 $1.00





No.9 - Pansies


Downloadable Study No. 9  $1.00



No.10 - Poppies


Downloadable Study No. 10  $1.00






Yellow Open Roses

No.11 - Yellow Open Roses


Downloadable Study No. 11  $1.00



No.12 - Chrysanthemums


Downloadable Study No. 12      $1.00





No.13 - Mushrooms


Downloadable Study No. 13      $1.00




Bachelor's Buttons

No.14 - Bachelor's Buttons


Downloadable Study No. 14      $1.00




Blackberries and Red Raspberries

No.15 - Blackberries and Red Raspberries


Downloadable Study No. 15      $1.00






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