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Gladys Galloway Studio  

Gladys Galloway's Botanical Studies for China Painting

Studies No. 46 through 55                                                                                                                  


When you purchase a downloadable study  (The free Adobe Reader required to open.) I will attach the study files to an e-mail and send to you within 24 hours. If paying with PayPal I will have your e-mail, (or let me know if you want it sent to a different e-mail address).  If paying with a credit card please make sure to enter your e-mail in proper field. (By the way on the method of payment page PayPal login is top choice.  If using a credit card go down below it to where it says "Use credit card" and click.)

(Any purchases will be invoiced through our Tile Canvases business)

The downloadable studies consist of 5 pages and are printable.  Remember the printed quality will only be as good as your printer! I would suggest using a gloss paper for the color page.

Happy Painting!!


No.46 - Asters


Downloadable Study No. 46      $1.00



Dresden #1

No.47 - Dresden #1


Downloadable Study No. 47      $1.00




No.48 - Iris


Downloadable Study No. 48      $1.00



Oriental 3

No.49 - Oriental 3 - Peacocks and Parrots


Downloadable Study No. 49      $1.00



Cardinal and Redbird

No.50 - Cardinals and Redbird


Downloadable Study No. 50      $1.00



Virginia Creeper

No.51 - Virginia Creeper


Downloadable Study No. 51      $1.00




No.52 - Trillum


Downloadable Study No. 52      $1.00



Sweet Peas

No.53 - Sweet Peas


Downloadable Study No. 53      $1.00




No.54 - Geraniums


Downloadable Study No. 54      $1.00



Oriental Peony

N0.55 - Oriental Peony


Downloadable Study No. 55      $1.00





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