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 Video Visits with Gladys Galloway

Do you have a world-famous artist and teacher in your living room, showing you how to paint, sharing years of study, painting and teaching experience, keeping you company as you paint?

Not very likely? Now, thanks to the miracles of television and DVD players you can have the next best thing, a VIDEO VISIT from Gladys Galloway, a well known Caro, Michigan artist, who specializes in porcelain art and watercolors. On your living room television screen Mrs. Galloway will share her painting techniques, gleaned from over 50 years of research, writing, teaching, and painting. Gladys is proud to offer this video, filled with information, demonstrations, in full color, some settings out-of-doors, others in the Galloway studio.





The videos are now available from Amazon's "Create Space" company. I have placed buttons below that will take you there if you care to purchase.

DVD - China Painting Fun and Basics with special introduction

China Painting Fun and Basics

Fast moving, showing basic supplies, brush strokes, designing a plate, easy projects. First and second paintings of a wild rose.









DVD - Easy Scenes and Basic Perspective with special introduction

Easy Scenes with Basic Perspective

Basic perspectives illustrated with graphics and covered bridge scene. Trees and foliage with a stippler brush. Nostalgic setting turned into snowy landscape with razor blade technique.







DVD - Porcelain Art and Nature with special introduction

Porcelain Art and Nature

Stroll outdoors to study Virginia creeper leaves and branches, moving from sketches to watercolors to china painting. Preserve leaves as studies--oak and maple and others.








DVD - Pansies on Porcelain with special introduction

Pansies on Porcelain

Delightful pansy faces in various colors and positions, utilizing basic design principles. Captured with real pansies, sketches, and watercolors.







DVD - Painting Roses on Porcelain with special introduction

Painting Roses on Porcelain

A rose garden walk with sketches and a watercolor. Basic principles of design and a beautiful rose opening from bud to full bloom.







DVD - Porcelain Poppy Pleasure with special introduction

Porcelain Poppy Pleasure

Fragile, red and pink Oriental poppies preserved by painting on porcelain. Sketches and watercolors of these gorgeous, natural works of art from bud to finish.









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