Gladys had a “change of lifestyle” as she says when her eyesight failed her in the early 1990s.  She continued to teach some but did not paint.  Finally she was declared legally blind and it looked like she was finished painting.  “Losing her wheels” was the hardest thing for her.  Then in 2000 she had surgery to remove ½ of her remaining kidney – she had lost the other kidney to cancer 30 years before. This left her with less energy but she is functioning and doing well.

  After beating the odds with her surgery Gladys decided that her work here must not be finished and there must be another lesson to be learned.  Gladys picked up her watercolor brush and started her “Peripheral Painting” using her “Inner Vision.”

  “I really cannot see what I am doing and I am amazed at what happens.” She says as her stunned ophthalmologist says she can’t, but she does, and he is in shock.  “It is big, bold and bright” she says, “and I am grateful, and having a ball.  You know when God closes on door, he opens another – and I can hardly wait to see where God’s pathway next.”  When asked what motivates her, she answered, “God’s love and the desire to share through the talents given me, and do it with love, understanding and compassion.”

  Well-done Gladys Galloway.

  - No man walks alone, and I have had so many talented people around to help guide me – including my parents, siblings, my own children, my students and special friends around the world.  All have influenced my life and have made me aware of how connected we all are.  I hope to be remembered as a loving, caring person, a good teacher and a good artist.  – Gladys Galloway 2002

Mom pasted away in June 2007.  She will most definitely always be remembered as a loving, caring person, a good teacher and a good artist.  -Tom


   By Betty Colling

Have you ever thought about the many faces of courage we face every day? There are people out there who face the world – some with a bright smile, some with an angry face, some with an acceptance of their fate, some spent their days complaining about their lot in life and others who just doggedly get up every morning and hope they can get through the day.

And then there are others, who faced with the same difficulties decide that if life has given them lemons – they’ll have some lemonade.

A lot of you know Gladys Galloway the very talented artist who has traveled the world around. Her paintings are exquisite and pieces she has done hang in several art galleries.

She has taught china painting around the world. She has also taught watercolor classes and her watercolor commissions hang in many local homes.

For a number of years Gladys has been losing her eyesight to macular degeneration and finally last year was declared legally blind. Added to that, she underwent a very serious surgery for cancer last year. She’s doing well from that, thank you.

That could have been the final blow for most folks, but you don’t know Gladys. She has published several books on china painting and has 56 studies to assist students perfect their craft. Each flower she drew was botanical in its correctness of rendition and precise in every detail.

She decided that even this serious problem was not going to put a period to her life, just a comma that indicated there was more to come.

She can see just one tiny sliver of light in the peripheral side of one eye and has to hold her head sideways to see anything at all, a difficult task for one who loved to read and paint and sketch. But driven by her love of her art recently picked up her watercolor brush and with what she calls an inner vision, has started to paint again.

We were one of the lucky ones who received one of these new paintings for Christmas. It is beautiful. These new paintings are not perfect in each tiny detail as were the ones she did for so many years, but they have the freedom and flow that is interesting and intriguing, causing your eye to follow the rhythm of the composition. The colors are intense and bold and enhance the beauty of the flowers and allow your eye to rivet upon them. They are beautiful. You will be hearing more about this new incarnation of one of our favorite people.

Ray and Dorothy Johnson recently sent a beautiful get well card that had a little essay on the back of the card. It seemed to carry a message similar to this. Written by Pam Kidd, the gist of the piece was that after an aggravating afternoon she had gone into a jewelry store to ask directions where she saw a strange-looking ring in the glass topped counter. Mounted in a lovely gold filigree setting was the ugliest rock she had ever seen. "What’s that?" she asked. The jewelry store owner answered, "Probably the finest diamond in this town. It just hasn’t been cut yet." he replied.

When she got back to the car she realized that she wasn’t the same person who had gone into the store as she realized God had sent her there to learn this lesson. We are all uncut diamonds. The secret is in looking past the surface and coaxing out the rainbows that wait inside.

We know that Gladys has plenty of rainbows inside, just waiting to be faceted.

Parting thought: James Bell said: "To face tomorrow with the thoughts of using the methods of yesterday is to envision life at a standstill. Even that which we now do well must be done better tomorrow."

-- Tuscola County Advertiser (Caro MI) February 14, 2001


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