Thomas Lloyd Kincaid was born in Gainesville, Tex in 1896.  His parents and six siblings moved to the Ozarks in Crane, Mo.  He married Mae Rickman in 1916.  Their first child, Gladys Lee, was born in 1918 and daughter Margaret Mae in 1921.  Lloyd took his family to Colorado Springs, Co where he worked construction. He then moved back to Crane where their son, Ray William was born.  Gladys was in her 3rd school by this time.


When Henry Ford advertised for help in Detroit, Mi Lloyd packed up his family and went north.  Three brothers-in-law were already there and loved it.  Lloyd worked less than three months in the factory and decided it was not for him.  He found a job with a large construction company.  This meant more moving to areas where he worked. When the Great Depression hit the company went bankrupt and Lloyd, along with others, went looking for jobs.  He learned about a courthouse being built in Caro, Mi.  Once again another move, and with another daughter, Virginia.


By this time Gladys was in her 13th school.  With no recollection of any childhood friends she was delighted to, at last, have a “home town”.  The family loved Caro and settled in.  Lloyd was a fine cabinetmaker so was busy.  After several years he went to work for the Caro Regional Center, which allowed benefits he had not had before. His beloved Masonic Lodge was a big part of his life which he enjoyed until he died in 1968.  Mae continued to live in their home on Lincoln Street until her death in 1992, always a loving influence on her children, grandchildren and friends.  

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